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Platina Series

Platina Series
Platina Series
Platina Series

High lumen output with CRI >90, different wattage & CCT options makes platina series a versatile range of superior glare free indoor lighting solutions. Modular design for various applications. Easy installation & maintenance. LED recessed ceiling luminaire with adjustable light distribution.

Technical Specifications
Luminaire made of die-cast aluminium for better thermal management.
Dark light technology UGR <16
Precision engineered high quality optics & electro plated reflector.
Powered by CITIZEN / CREE, CRI >90
Adjustable upto 30° / Rotatable 355°
Beam Angle : 15° / 24° / 38° with diffuser options
Tunable whites available on request
Suitable for all ceiling thickness upto 30mm
Available CCT : 2700K - 6000K
Protection class IP44 for LED Module
CE - Conformity mark
High PF constant current LED driver with surge and thermal protection.
Cable entries for through-wiring of mains supply cable.
Suitable for operation on 240V, 50Hz single phase ac supply.

Product Benefits
Easy maintenance without removing the frame from false ceiling
Quick & simple installation.
Flexible deployment options with a wide spectrum of applications.

Area of Application
Highend Residential, Hotel, Villas, Clubs, Lobbies & Foyers, Retail Sector, Corporate Office, Hospitality Industry, Commercial & Business Centers etc.

3327 6W LED WW,CW,NWC.O.D : Ø50mm
3333 6W LED WW,CW,NWC.O.D : Ø50mm
3328 12W LED WW,CW,NWC.O.D : Ø75mm
3334 12W LED WW,CW,NWC.O.D : Ø75mm
3329 20W LED WW,CW,NWC.O.D : Ø95mm
3335 20W LED WW,CW,NWC.O.D : Ø95mm
3330 35W LED WW,CW,NWC.O.D : Ø120mm
3331 HousingC.O.D : Ø75mm
3340 HousingC.O.D : Ø75mm
3337 HousingC.O.D : Sq.82mm
3341 HousingC.O.D : Sq. 82mm
3338 6W LED WW,CW,NWC.O.D : Ø30mm
3339 10W LED WW,CW,NWC.O.D : Ø40mm