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Smart City Pole

Smart City Pole
Smart City Pole
Smart City Pole

“A city can deliver good quality services to all its customer through the use of smart city pole, in a cost and resource effective way”.

The key aspects in this definition of a smart city are as follows:

A smart city pole provides the services, e.g. the Physical and Social infrastructure that is world class, to its residents.

The smart city pole should be able to provide these services to all customer regardless of where they are and what is their economic or social status.

The usage of the Smart City Pole would be a key enabler in providing services anytime and anywhere.

The technology would enable the efficiency and cost reduction in the provision of the services.
Public spending is reduced in the long term on public infrastructure in smart city, in electricity high speed internet connectivity and incident reporting etc.

The efficiency of public services and their quality leads to higher satisfaction quotient in the citizens which in turn leads to effective utilization of services provided.

Enables better decision making for identification and enhancement of the city boundaries or inclusion of new services / infrastructure requirements in the city limits.

Real time information availability - enhances citizen awareness about the city they live in by providing information update in real time and equipping them to make informed decisions.

Intelligent networks of people, mobiles, sensors

Increased public safety through efficient management of public emergency systems, video surveillance and other hazard prevention and detection.

IDWattageDimensionMountingIESPhotometryTechnical Datasheet
4745 HousingØ200 x 1500mm
4746 HousingØ200 x 2000mm
4740 45W LEDØ200 x 626mm



4741 50W LEDØ200 x 626mm
4742 HousingØ200 x 626mm
4743 HousingØ200 x 497mm
4744 HousingØ200 x 497mm