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High Bay

High Bay
High Bay
High Bay

High efficiency LED high bay luminaires designed to provide directional throw of light. The product design and construction of the luminaires are characterized by high luminous efficiency, an extremely long service life and uniform illuminance. Their sturdy construction makes them particularly suitable for areas where a high level of robustness is required.

Technical Specifications
Luminaire body made of die cast aluminium featuring high strength and anti corrosion.
Clear polycarbonate optical cover
Die-cast aluminium heatsink, more stable heat dissipation.
Efficiency up to 130 lm/W
Designed for mounting on ceiling with stainless steel suspension round hook.
Cable entries for through-wiring of mains supply cable
Optional beam angle
Integral power supply options
Earth connection
Safety class I
Protection class : IP65
Suitable for operation on 240V, 50Hz single phase ac supply.

Product Benefits
High luminous efficiency at reduced wattage.
Versatile use, Simple installation
Unique features and strong technical aspect of the products each range of these luminaires are the perfect choice for lighting in various industries with energy saving options.
Designed to replace traditional high ceiling application.
Sustainable LED technology offers durability and optimal light output with low power consumption.

Area of Application
Petrol Bunk, Ware houses, Cold storage, Logistic hubs, Power / Steel / Thermal plants, High Ceiling areas, Parking areas, Auditorium, Sports halls, Shopping mall, Super market, Exhibition center.

Available Finish
Pure polyester powder coated Black.

Catalogue Page
2872 100W LED WW,CW,NW, ClearØ250 x 178mm



2869 150W LED WW,CW,NW, ClearØ300 x 182mm



2873 200W LED WW,CW,NW, ClearØ350 x 184mm