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Pelican Georgia Lighting Pole

Pelican Georgia Lighting Pole
Pelican Georgia Lighting Pole
Pelican Georgia Lighting Pole

Georgia is a traditional design that reflects the grandeur of an earlier time. It is a overall lighting solution to recreate, renovate and honour historical places.

• Georgia lighting pole is designed for street lighting, suitable for various pole top & pendant type luminaires.
• This architecturally designed pole is structurally sound. Pole design parameters vary depending on the type of bracket and loading factor.
• Pole sections are swaged and joint together using special v groove technique by certified welders using high end MIG welding processes.
• This system has a decorative cast aluminium base with an leaf decoration, plain & grooved column, decorated bloom.
• Built-in control box with cast aluminium service door and safety rope.
• The control gear tray is prewired with MCB, terminal connectors for loop-in loop-out arrangement.
• CE - Conformity mark

Coated with epoxy zinc phosphate primer and finished using environmentally stable polyurethane based paint.

Various luminaire options make it suitable for main / secondary roads, streets, resorts, campus lighting, boulevards and public places.

Surface mounted with base plate and fitted on a pre formed foundation.

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KP-8343 Single7000


Detailed Foundation Drawing

KP-8344 Double7000


Detailed Foundation Drawing