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K-LITE’s Journey in Light

Light creates infinite possibilities for our imagination and for our lives …
In 1977, K-LITE began a long journey of innovation in lighting products, chasing the dream of light.
Light allows us to realize the possibilities of our imagination. The quality of light influences the quality of life and it is clear that light must combine technique and emotions contemporaneously, defining new values, meanings, feelings, culture, comfort etc., overcoming the simple light – dark dichotomy. Furthermore, it must achieve this, in compliance with the environment and available resources. At K-LITE, saving energy is achieved not only by reducing the number of fittings, but also through correct planning & better quality products. Light has a communicative and social value in its ability to optimise urban spaces, giving the possibility of reclaiming the culture of a place, encourage aggregation, stimulating business and tourism, making events and architecture spectacular and increasing the feeling of safety.
K-LITE will continue to explore the mysteries of light which allow lifestyles to become better and better and our journey will lead to many places not yet even known …

Why Choose an Indian Lighting Company?

The K-LITE Advantage

  • For 40 years Indian trademark K-LITE has stood for innovation and sustainable development in the Indian lighting industry, supported by its manufacturing hub in CHENNAI, INDIA.
  • High quality, economy and longevity, characterize the portfolio consisting of a whole new range of Architectural Luminaries.
  • It is a constant endeavour of K-LITE to work on designing and developing new sustainable products to help conserve resources and improve the quality of life through LIGHT.
  • With our commitment to invest continuously in innovation, creativity & design, we have developed a wide range of products that comply with stricter statutory and regulatory requirements, which includes ecologically sensitive and quality conscious issues.
  • We take pride to Design, Develop & Manufacture in India, a range of Quality products in India, to contribute to and support the Economy of our Nation.


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